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Hire us to do your next Easy, Stress-Free Fundraiser Comedy Show. People love comedy shows. Laughter acts as a social bond, and restores a good feeling to all who share the experience. A comedy show is also one of the most effective ways to raise funds for your organization, club, establishment, and special events.

If you're thinking of hosting a comedy show as a source of revenue for your organization, establishment or for a fundraising event, we can help you produce it easily. New York Hysterical Society's stand-up comedians have lots of credentials and comply by our exclusive customer service policies, to guarantee you the perfect comedy event. We've got over 25 years of production and marketing experience, so organizing, marketing, and successfully selling tickets will be a breeze with our marketing tools. We'll provide customized flyers, posters and a web page for the event. All you need to supply is a microphone, stand and speaker and a place for the comic to stand.

CALL US NOW AT at 646.340.5767 or book us now by clicking here >.

PERFECT FOR: Anniversaries, Awards Nights, Bachelor Parties, Baccalaureate Parties, Banquets, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Benefits, Birthday Parties, Casinos, Celebrations, Christenings, Christmas Parties, Church Events, Comedy Clubs, Community Events, Conventions, Corporate Functions, Country Clubs, Cruise Ships, Dinner Dances, Festivals, Fraternity Functions, Fund Raisers, Funerals, Graduation Parties, Grand Openings, Hotels, Private Parties, Proms, Resorts, Restaurants, Reunions, Roasts, Showers, Singles Night, Ski Lodges, Sorority Function, Temples, Weddings.

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Laugh and Let Live Comedy Tour is a hilarious show that warms the heart and humbles the soul. Book this tour for your college programs, temples, churches, and more. This show is all about our diversities and getting along with our differences. Though each religion prides itself in its unique culture and practice, the bottom line is that we all live on the same planet and come from the same source. Laugh and Let Live is a 1.5 hour comedy show of any of the four at any given show: A Christian, A jew, A Hindu, A Muslim, A Buddhist, and a Sikh. We've got several comics of each category that are ready to perform at your event or venue. All our comics are working professional comedians with years of experience. In this tour, our comics work together to create a cohesive comedy performance to entertain and educate about their unique cultures through their comedy. Call us to discuss availabilities and fees, at 646.340.5767.

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The Jewish Comedy

For several thousand years of oppression, nothing brings the funny like coping with shared misery.  Jewish humor is a revival of a style of comedy that was based entirely on suffering…  Jews have always been really good at making suffering funny, whether it’s about the cruelty of a people or an appalling piece of sturgeon.  American Jewish humor started in NYC at the Yiddish Theater on Second Ave. The jokes were about the anxiety of being a greenhorn with an old world accent. 

It was in the fifties when self-effacement and self abasement, paranoia, pessimism and the dread of being conspicuous were defined as the cornerstones of Jewish humor. So we decided we don’t want to give up the suffering... it seems to be working for us. So that’s why we’re doing this. 


The JCT is tour consisting of a 1:15 hour show, with headliner Jessica Kirson. In addition, Bernie Fursh hosts the show and brings up quickly rising stars in Jewish Comedy. You can book this show for organization, temple, JCC, and college. Great show for a roast, private party, benefit, fundraiser.




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LOL Variety Comedy

The NY Hysterical Society brings you the best in stand-up comedy in our LOL Variety Tour. You can book any one of our comedians or the entire tour of a headliner and three other comics for a 1.5 hour show. This tour features fresh, young and cutting edge comedy that will leave your audience speechless. The tour contains some adult content, however, mild and great for private parties, restaurants, organizational events. You can place your order of adult content from mild to hot.

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Corporate Comedy

The NY Hysterical Society offers a corporate and sales package for your meetings or conventions. We can provide you with a keynote speaker who will discuss the utilization of humor in every day life, business and sales. Our five hour sales workshop empowers sales teams with improvisational, creative and communications tools. The workshop is interactive, and requires participation of all attendees. Ask us for a meeting to discuss the details of the workshop and presentations. The Corporate Comedy Tour features Comedian Headliner Jessica Kirson, who's professional background in psychology, sales and comedy offers a treasure of experience. She instructs improvisational techniques to keep salespeople on their toes. Bernie Furshpan has professional backgrounds in healthcare, sales and public speaking. Bernie has trained thousands of practitioners and para-professionals in sales, communications and marketing. Together, they provide a powerhouse workshop and seminar to motivate and enlighten sales, middle and upper management teams.


To book a presentation or sales workshop, contact us at 646.340.5767 or berniefursh@gmail.com

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TOP ENTERTAINERS/STARS (Comedian Stars who have pioneered their brand of humor and had their own TV Shows and/or Las Vegas Acts)
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