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Carlo Bellario

Tours: Private events, colleges, clubs

New Jersey hasn't been the same since this guy has come on to the comedy scene in 1987 when comedy was booming and people were coming out to shows and looking forward to a great show. Carlo possesses a unique and equally dangerous blend of off the wall comedy that’s sure to please every crowd, it’s like Sam Kinnison meets Tony Soprano. Growing up in the predominantly Italian North Ward Section of Newark NJ where a sense of humor was greatly appreciated and where everyone knew each other and you could leave your doors open at night and not worry . For Carlo his love for comedy started from the age of 5 as he was constantly glued to the TV watching his all time favorite comedy idols Abbott & Costello on channel 11 every Sunday morning, it was then he knew that was what he wanted to do. Early on in his childhood everyone always told him that he was quite a character and that show business was definitely his calling. As soon as he was able to drive, Carlo set his sights on NYC by taking his turn at open mic nights whenever and wherever he could. After years and years of struggling and realizing he had an uphill battle in that there we so many talented comedians all vying for the same dreams he had Carlo continued to work harder and harder paying his dues day after trying to break into the business, Carlo was able to forge a successful career and hasn't looked back since despite the numerous road blocks and personal hardships he had to endure.

Short Set: 15 minutes
Long Set: 45 minutes
Minimum Fee: $300.00

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