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Rich Shultis


Although Rich now makes New York City his home, he is originally from Kingston, NY (the first capital of New York, if that means anything to you) where he grew up as a small town scurvy kid with eight brothers and two step sisters. Though getting started in the standup comedy world at a relatively advanced age, he quickly moved up through the ranks due to his vast life experience, hard work, professionalism and most importantly, his outrageously funny material. Starting out at open mics in NYC and any other venue with a stage and a microphone (and some without either) that would allow him to perform, Rich quickly caught the eye of club managers, owners, booking agents and producers. In just a few short years he has become a regular at many of the major NYC and Tri-State comedy clubs including New York, Broadway, Ha, Laugh Lounge, Stand-Up NY, Loony Bin, Riddlers, Bananas and Gotham. He has also performed at venues throughout the country sharing the same stage with the likes of Jim Gaffigan, Dean Edwards, Ted Alexandro, Tom Shillue, Mike DeStefano, Rich Voss, Joey Gay, The “Reverend” Bob Levy and Dave Attell to name a few. Rich has established himself as a reliable and professional comedian with the reputation of always bringing his “A” game. Whether hosting, featuring or head lining he can always be counted on to do a great job, leaving the audience in stitches and wanting more. Rich’s unique prospective and ability to never be at a loss for words has landed him on three different radio programs with three completely different genres and listener base. His diversity again allows him to seamlessly and effortlessly entertain who ever may be tuning in. Rich’s comedy covers a broad and diverse spectrum. Anything from real life experiences (and he has had them all) such as doing jail time, having a son at twenty one, broken relationships, being beat up by his retarded brothers and gay classmates, to current events or common human experiences and emotions. Not to mention the absurd and bizarre ideas that pop into his warped mind. No subject or material is out of bounds or beyond his reach. Delivering his material with a combination of truthfulness and art, Rich has won over a wide array of audiences. Not only making them laugh but, leaving them shaking their heads “Yes”. His performance style and material is so unique and diverse that Rich as performed at shows ranging from the late spots at NYC comedy clubs to Church shows and everything in between including bars, restaurants, banquets, proms, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate events, Jewish Camps, high schools and colleges just to name a few. Wait; that actually might be all of them. Anyhoo, he has performed in front of audiences of all races, religions, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientation with the same degree of success. Rich is truly a versatile and well rounded comedian. As one of the co-founders of “The Mayhem and Madness Comedy Tour”, Rich has also produced and performed on numerous shows that raise money for worthy causes including Saint Jude’s Hospital, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Haitian earth quake victims, fire and police fund raisers and The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Thanks for taking the time to read this self absorbed garble but, it’s all TRUE!!!!!! Check out, Mayhemand Madnesscomedy on Facebook, Mayhem and Madness Comedy Fan Page. Clubs Performed: New York Comedy (NYC and Boca), Broadway, Stand-Up NY, HA!, Gotham, Laugh Lounge, Loony Bin, Bananas, Riddlers, Coconuts, Poconuts, Bonkerz, LA Comedy Club, Redds and some I can’t remember.

Short Set: 10 minutes
Long Set: 70 minutes
Minimum Fee: $150.00

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