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Jamie Rosen

Tours: LOL Variety

Jamie Rosen is a girl. The name is unisex. She looks like a girl but has been mistaken for a boy even as an adult. Her Father and Step-mother taught her everything she needed to know about being an adult which means she is a master of boob-flashing and mooning and burping and reading Playboy. None of which we will allow her to do onstage. On a serious note, she is a new Jew due to her recent marriage to a much older Jewish gentleman. She has a unique way of training her new husband with tv shows like "Snapped". Let her explain in person. Mrs. Rosen is a step-mother to two very hot boys ages 18 and 21. She is preoccupied with looking young forever and germs. Jamie has appeared on Family Jewels with Gene Simmons and performs all over NYC and Las Vegas. Always dressed for the occasion her authentic style of comedy will leave you wondering.

Short Set: 5 minutes
Long Set: 20 minutes

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