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Jewish Comedy Tour

Tours: The Jewish Comedy Tour

The JCT is tour consisting of a 1:30 hour show, with headliner Jessica Kirson. In addition, Bernie Fursh hosts the show and brings up quickly rising stars in Jewish Comedy. You can book this show for organization, temple, JCC, and college. Great show for a roast, private party, benefit, fundraiser.

For several thousand years of oppression, nothing brings the funny like coping with shared misery. Jewish humor is a revival of a style of comedy that was based entirely on suffering… Jews have always been really good at making suffering funny, whether it’s about the cruelty of a people or an appalling piece of sturgeon. American Jewish humor started in NYC at the Yiddish Theater on Second Ave. The jokes were about the anxiety of being a greenhorn with an old world accent.

It was in the fifties when self-effacement and self abasement, paranoia, pessimism and the dread of being conspicuous were defined as the cornerstones of Jewish humor. So we decided we don’t want to give up the suffering... it seems to be working for us. So that’s why we’re doing this.

Short Set: - minutes
Long Set: - minutes

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