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"Learn about humor and group dynamics in this most insightful writing on why people laugh. Once you've realized the core reason for the purpose of humor, you will be able to take any funny premise and turn it into a joke. you will be able to take an existing joke or comedy set you've been doing for years and turbo charge it to a whole new level."



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"A JOKE IS A FORMULA - Do the math, people." is an insightful perspective on how and why people laugh at jokes, and in particular, at a stand-up comedy show. It's a unique way of presenting the way a joke works. No one else teaches the formula the way it's presented in this quick-read manual.

The formula is explained in an easy to read and understand booklet. Once you've purchased the booklet, shortly after, an email will be sent to you containing the material.

legal rightsSave Time. Most new comics don't have the time to take classes. Even seasoned comics need a refresher.

legal rightsSave Money. It would cost you hundreds of dollars to get training in courses and seminars. In fact, many training courses do not necessarily come to your area, and when they do, timing and convenience are always an issue. We recommend that you purchase this booklet and then practice using the formula at open mics and get as much stage time as you can to harness the benefits of truly knowing what makes people laugh.

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In addition to this Introductory Price, Bernie is offering
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So you want to be funny? Well, whether it’s on or off stage, it’s actually easier than you think it is to be funny.  You see, I’m an efficiency expert and with my many years of experience in business and production, I developed organizational and logistic skills that allow me to reduce the complex process of joke writing to a real simple formula that you can use today.  My name is Bernie Furshpan and I run one of the nation’s busiest comedy booking firms.  I have also provided high end marketing consultations to small and large national brands for decades.  I’m always curious as to how things work from the mechanical perspective, and find myself driven to reduce a complex process to several steps so that I can master it quickly and easily. 

So after performing stand-up for over a year, I continued to experience a high level of frustration in trying to figure out if a joke will make my audience laugh.  To me, there was still a very grey area in determining ahead of time if a joke is going to do its magic or not.  So, I decided to analyze the process of laughter and what makes people “get it.”  I wanted to be able to command a joke like a lion tamer. 

I meditated on what makes something funny to people and why stand-up comedy worked for some people and not for others.  I wanted to know why the successful comics got such huge laughs.  It seemed mysterious to me how some comics instinctively “killed” on stage and others died.  I wanted to “get it.”  I realized that the only way for me to “get it” was to break down the process of how and why jokes work.

I also thought that if I can reduce the joke writing down to its basic mechanical steps, I can improve the writing and delivery to intensify the resulting laughter.  Well, I was successful in doing this and have been teaching other comics the formula, which they use to improve the jokes in their set and write new ones correctly, right from the start. Take a look below what comics have said about the seminar I give that teaches my simple joke formula.

"Bernie Furshpan's Joke Formula dissects the entire process of Standup Comedy. Starting with the inception of a joke, exploring delivery options / techniques and taking the reader all the way through audience reception and group dynamic, this step by step analysis takes the mystery out of a solid standup performance. After reading the Formula, I only had one question: Where was this formula when I started?" ~ Comedian Bernadette Pauley


"I loved the workshop! Bernie is extremely knowledgeable and insightful. Bernie has been doing this for a long time and he really cares about what he does and how he affects other people."

~ Comedian Brian M. Frange

"Bernie gives the formula for comedy success in a straight-forward digestible manner."

~ Comedian Aaron Sweeny

"I felt that Bernie's class was outstanding."

~ Comedian Steve Leventhal

"Great seminar. Just wanted to thank you for an awesome seminar that was loaded with information. The insight and advice you gave was so helpful. More information than I ever thought I needed."

~Comedian Bryan Keith

"Bernie's Seminar was chock-full of amazing info and guidance for comics... I highly recommend this seminar... you will turn the tuition fee into much more money!"

~ Comedian Rachael Robbins

"The seminar was the icing on the cake."

~ Comedian Phil Sweet

Your seminar was sensational. Your presentation exceeded my expectations. You lit a fire underneath me. I feel rejuvenated and encouraged again. God bless you for blowing wind in my sails :)

~ Comedian Nicky Sunshine


ONLY $14.95

In addition to this Introductory Price, Bernie is offering
a Free half hour phone consultation to kick-start your usage of the formula.


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